A Very Talented and Extremely Sharp DUI Trial Attorney

I was charged with 2 DUIs resulting from a single-car roll-over accident off of a freeway. I was
looking at going to jail for up to a year, 5 years of probation, a revoked license for one year,
classes and screenings, and a big fine (not to mention my car insurance skyrocketing) for
wrecking my car in the desert off a freeway. I’ve never had someone fight as hard for me as Ms.
Bell and I’m so thankful I hired her. She was able to get the charges reduced to a reckless
driving with a $250 fine! No probation, no classes, no interlock, a one day suspended jail
sentence and one year of unsupervised probation. So much different than the plea the
prosecution was offering. I wasn’t arrested or even given a ticket but the state took my blood
from the hospital without a warrant anyway and charged me with 2 DUIs and I was in a lot of
trouble! Ms. Bell’s legal expertise was the only reason why I wasn’t forced to accept a plea that
would have affected me for many years and cost me a career. The prosecutor was completely
unreasonable and unwilling to work with me so we took the case to trial. This is where Ms. Bell’s
legal expertise shined. The trial resulted in a mistrial because the prosecution continually
violated my right to a fair trial. Ms. Bell demanded, then fought for the mistrial and got it! As a
result of the mistrial she was able to negotiate both DUI charges to a simple reckless driving
charge with nothing to do with DUI penalties or fines! She knows the law. She knows the
processes and she knows how to fight for her clients. She doesn’t just fight though. She fights to
win! I highly recommend Ms. Bell to anyone who reads this. She is truly an amazing lawyer!!!! I
couldn’t be happier with her and how hard she worked and fought for me. A true blessing!!!