A Few Words from Our Clients

Hear how I got the Extreme DUI and Felony Aggravated Assault charges completely dismissed!

Best decision of my life

From talking to other people and from my own experiences, it doesn't seem like there are many lawyers people are completely confident it. After Michelle handled my case my opinion has changed. She was confident, well versed in law, and she never backed down from the challenges my case presented. I originally chose Michelle from the ocean of lawyers because of how personable and intelligent she was. After seeing her in action I quickly realized that she had all of the above qualities and much more. At no point did I regret my decision and now that my case was won I can finally relax thanks to her. Thank you Michelle for your sound legal advice, for fighting my fight when no one else wanted to, and for always being there when I had questions or if I needed reassurance that I was making the right decision to fight for my rights.


Professional, Thorough, and Honest

I recently had a alleged DUI case thrown out due to Michelle L. Bell's hard work and knowledge of the law. I live in a state other than where the incident took place, I never even met Michelle face to face, and when I needed a lawyer she was the first one I called. Well as luck turned out, I picked the best one. Michelle was completely honest from the first conversation, told me exactly what to expect, what the penalties would be, and what her plan was. She then mentioned that on occasion cases get dismissed after review of the police report. Michelle did her due diligence by thoroughly scanning the police report and found something unconstitutional, made contact with the prosecuting attorney and within days my case was dismissed. Leave no doubt if you have Michelle on your list of attorneys, choose her. The communication was spot on and timely, I never had a question about what was next in the process, and she was very understanding and easy to discuss difficult issues with. She was even kind enough to offer advice outside of her normal 'duties'. I highly recommend Michelle.


Not guilty/Acquittal – in DV charges

Flag I was charged with DV charges (criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and assault). I am on H1B visa( working visa) in this country, I hired Michelle Bell to represent me to fight my case. The outcome was we won in the trail on all DV charges (not guilty/acquittal). She is really competent, confident ,well organized , was to the point and was well prepared for my trail. She knows the laws and she is a good listener and very good at extracting the points from your case history . The trial went for two days. She caught the officer was lying by playing the audio of the officer's interview. She also caught my wife was lying by presenting well placed arguments and providing exhibits . At the end of the trail also, the judge mentioned that your attorney did a very good job. Because of her I was acquitted in all charges as well able to avoid my Deportation. I can't thank her enough to save my career and my dignity. All my best wishes are for her future career and she has all the attributes of an excellent attorney.


Second Offense DUI reduced down to Reckless Driving

I recently had a situation in which I was faced with a second offense DUI in Arizona from several years back. I live in Arkansas now and was faced with a very tough situation.In my search for legal help my first and last call was to Michelle Bell. After our first phone call, Michelle went right to work on my case. She was very attentive and one of the most efficient professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She managed to get a second offense DUI reduced to reckless driving. She not only stood up for me in court with me being a thousand miles away but she also saved me the headache if a second offense conviction and THOUSANDS of dollars. I would proudly recommend Michelle Bell to anyone.


DUI Dismissed

Our daughter received a DUI on High School graduation night. Not only was she charged with a DUI and DWI but also was cited for DUI Dangerous Drug and Underaged Person Driving. During our first call to Michelle, she already gave us a sense of calm and that we were in capable hands. At our consultation she gave us very realistic expectations and also prepared us for worst case scenarios. Through the entire process she updated us often and we truly felt she was passionate about providing the best defense possible. We mentally prepared ourselves that at least one or two of the charges would wind up sticking. I can't express the disbelief and relief we felt when Michelle informed us that ALL of the charges had been dismissed!!! Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of DUI and I would highly recommended her to anyone in need of this type of defense. Not to mention, she hates to lose


Amazing! Can’t say enough good things!

Michelle helped me out with a traffic violation. She was able to get an extension for my DD class which I would not have been able to do if not. She was on top of everything I didn't have to think about what needed to be done. She is so knowledgeable, has great communication, such a hard worker, and honest. I highly recommend her! I would only send my friends and family to her. Michelle you are the BEST!!! Thank you for everything! This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.


I wish I had hired Michelle sooner

Unfortunately Michelle was not the first lawyer that I hired after I was charged with misdemeanor assault. I was not happy with my first lawyer, he would not do things that I thought he should do, and he told me I don't stand a chance of being found not guilty and should be prepared to go to jail. The day I decided to fire him, he saved me the trouble and quit. Then I found Michelle. In the first 24 hours, Michelle did more for my case than my former lawyer did in two months. This was not a simple case and Michelle worked hard for me. She did not doubt me and although she would not sugar coat, she also did not give me cause for despair. The State had five witnesses and we had none. Two of the State's witnesses said they were there at the time of the alleged assault, but I told Michelle that they were not there. Michelle believed me and looked at the witness statements from my perspective. She found holes in the witness statements, especially that of the only witness who said they saw the alleged assault. All of the State's witnesses insisted there was nobody else there, but I told Michelle that there were two other witnesses present; I did not know their names, they were relatives of the alleged victim. Again Michelle believed me and kept after the prosecutor for months until the prosecutor finally came forward with the names of the two other witnesses. Michelle interviewed them and they both said I did nothing. This was a major breakthrough in my case. I should note that my former attorney did nothing to locate these witnesses other than a single phone call to the prosecutor then told me to hire a private investigator. It was more than a year after the alleged assault before we went to trial. On the day of the trial, one of the prosecution's witnesses did not show up, the only one who said she saw the alleged assault. We needed her testimony and when the prosecutor wanted to start the trial without her, Michelle stuck up for my rights and convinced the judge to continue the trial. Shortly afterward, the prosecution decided not to pursue the case and the charges against me were dismissed. I firmly believe that the way Michelle handled my case, especially her communication with the prosecutor, convinced them that they did not have a case against me.


Criminal Speeding Case BIG WIN!

Michelle was recommended to me by a friend as she was known to have a drive to get things done. In my case this was for certain the case! She tried many avenues to get my case either moved from criminal to civil court, Driving school or dismissed completely. When she hit a few road blocks, she kept grinding away, eventually sending a request directly to the judge with her arguments. This ended up in my case being dismissed after completing driving school. A fabulous result! The entire time her updates and communication with me were detailed and made me feel very confident. Thank you Michelle!


Compassionate & Intelligent Lawyer, Excellent Choice.

I called Michelle Bell the day after I was arrested for DUI to see what my options were; I had a CDL and needed to protect it more than a regular license because it would directly affect my driving job. Michelle was very professional, knowledgeable and provided me with a game plan to reduce my sentence down so that I could keep my CDL and continue my career after the trial. I had contacted her slightly panicked due to the stress of the DUI during the process and she empathized and put me at ease while explaining potential outcomes. In court, she was able to get the sentence reduced to a reckless, I am able to use my CDL again now and would recommend her to anyone going through the DUI/DWI experience, great lawyer!


Needed a great attorney during my DUI process and stumbled onto Michelle Bell and glad I did!

I was pulled over after our company Christmas party in December of 2015. This was my 1st experience with being pulled over and charged with DUI. My job requires a ton of driving on a daily basis all over the state and I was concerned with losing my drivers license for any period of time. I found Michelle via Google and called her on Sunday morning after my arrest and was able to speak with her right away as she answered my call over the weekend. After speaking with Michelle for about 30 mins over the phone I decided that she was the right person to handle my case. She was very knowledgeable and very sympathetic to my situation. I was charged with speed/Reasonable and Prudent, DUI -Liquor/Drugs/Vapors/Combo and DUI w/BAC of .08 or more. My goal throughout the process was to avoid losing my drivers license for a minimum amount of time or not at all. Michelle not only won the DMV hearing but was able to negotiate all 3 citations down to one count of reckless driving. I did not lose my driving privileges for one day and did not have to endeavor the penalties that are associated with being convicted of DUI. I was able to circumvent the embarrassing process of having and interlock device installed in my vehicle along with not having the headache and pressure of all the insurance stipulations once convicted of DUI. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, perceptive and responsive DUI defense attorney I would eminently recommend Michelle!


Excellence at its best…

I was pulled over in February for reckless driving. I was charged with a DUI, Reckless driving, Improper lane change. My lawyer, Michelle, took my case and wet right to work. She explained everything that was going on and what to expect. She helped me keep my license for a little more time as I was moving from my home to an apartment. Once the move was complete, Michelle worked with getting my suspension to start immediately so that I could get that out of the way. She worked with the prosecuting attorney and worked out a plea deal that took away all of the DUI charges. I ended up only with being charged with reckless driving. My fine was under a thousand dollars and I only spent one night in jail. She did amazing work. I will never drive under the influence and I will never drive tired. The reason we fought this so hard was that my alcohol level was low and what I did was fall asleep as I was driving. I take full responsibility and I am so glad for an attorney that worked as hard as Michelle did to help me regain my life back. After hearing horror stories of other people convicted of DUI's it would have ruined my life. You want the best then don't hesitate to call Michelle Bell……


Excellent Representation!!!

I was fighting three charges( two felonies and a misdemeanor DUI) in two separate courts. Michelle did an excellent job during the evidentary hearing for my DUI in Scottsdale and impeached all three officers. She then used the evidence gained in the hearing to get a felony aggravated assault charge dropped in Superior Court. She secured a plea for misdemeanor resisting arrest lowered from felony resisting and got my extreme DUI lowered to a regular DUI. Ultimately, I was 100% satisfied with her capabilties, knowledge of the law, and timeliness through out this ordeal. Not to mention she saved me thousands in fines and lawyer fees. Highly recommended her if your are facing DUI or criminal assault charges.


Aggravated DUI and Probation Violation COMPLETELY DISMISSED. AMAZiNG LAWYER.

I was arrested and charged with Aggravated DUI. I was in custody for three weeks with a public defender. The plea offer was 10-15. I heard about Michelle and my husband hired her because I was in jail. Michelle advised me to reject the plea so she could get the dismissed. Less than a week later the DUI was completely dismissed. She also got the probation violation case completely dismissed. Michelle was on it. She was quick and worked very hard to get the case resolved. She always called me to update me and let me know what she was doing and what was going on. She was the only person to know the facts of my case. She is always on point in the courtroom. She was determined to get me out. I was released On my own recognizance so I could be home. She was easy to get along with. She educated me on my case. I felt she was fighting for my rights. I would recommend her to anyone. If you're looking for an excellent attorney, that fights, and will do anything to get your case dismissed, hire Michelle.


The Best Defense Attorney in Phoenix!!!

I cannot recommend Michelle Bell highly enough!!! i retained Michelle while my case was in a holding pattern. At the time, I was unsure whether or not charges were going to be filed as I had not retained any paperwork during my arrest and interrogation. I knew that, after my initial consultation, whatever or whichever way the case went, I would he taken care of by Michelle. Initially, the case was filed as a misdemeanor DUI, but was then refiled later as a felony. This refiling did not occur for 9 months and Michelle kept me informed of the status of the case on a monthly basis. Both of us really did not know what we were fully dealing with as we had not seen a police report or any sort of complaint by law enforcement. We just knew that charges would be filed by the county. Once the felony charges were filed and we saw the police report, Michelle launched into what I would refer to as a "SUPER-LAWYER." She made it very clear that what were facing was serious, made no promises about the outcome, honestly explained to me that that it could be a long time before a resolution and developed a multi-pronged strategy to ensure the best outcome for me, which, in my case was to avoid the charges in their entirety. I really gave her very little to work with, so Michelle had to rely on her expert knowledge of the judicial process to explore all discovery that was available. She also put into play certain legal maneuvers that other attornies less astute than Michelle would never even fathom. For example, instead of allowing the DA to present my case to the Grand Jury, which would result in an indictment, she advised that I waive pre-trial. This allowed us to enter into the pre-trial phase directly and start working right away on the full aspects of the case. She exhaustively questioned all witnesses and law enforcement and it took months. At times, it seemed as if there were little hope and I would have to entertain prison time as a plea. However, her tenacity allowed her to discover exactly what we needed to cement my defense and allow a clear argument that my case must result in a dismissal as my constitutional rights had been violated. This discovery, provided by law enforcement, was delivered at the 11th hour when I had almost given up hope. Summarily, my case ended in a complete dismissal, filed by the DA, and I can now move on with my life. Although I knew throughout the process of working with Michelle, there was always a risk that things could possibly not work out the way we wanted, she just kept moving forward looking for the best outcome. She is easy to work with, affordable, empathic, understanding and an absolute expert in criminal law. If you are facing any charges do not hesitate and go directly to Michelle Bell. She is worth her weight in gold.


DUI Case Dismissed

I was arrested for a DUI, although I was not driving my car. I was sleeping in my car at the time of the arrest. It was a cold April night, my car had a flat, and I had to wait for morning to get help (a ride and to fix the flat), my heat on in the car to stay warm. The next thing I know I was being arrested for a DUI. I am a graduate student and having a DUI (for sleeping in my car) was unacceptable. After speaking with several lawyers, I knew I wanted Michelle as my lawyer. Throughout the nightmare she explained what she was doing as far as interviews and so forth. I was an emotional wreck. I couldn't eat, sleep, or focus. I think I needed my lawyer to hold my hand during this time, she told me throughout the case to let her do the worrying and for me to focus on school (that was easier said than done). Our first victory was the DMV hearing. Our next victory came months later, when charges were completely dismissed the day before trial!!! That was the call I had waited for during this nightmare. Thanks so much Michelle. I appreciate the hard-work you put in to beat this case for me.


Fair, Honest, and Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arizona has zero tolerance policy for domestic violence, in other words even if you are not the aggressor, the police can will likely make an arrest if there is probable cause to believe any bodily injury occurred to either party. When my husband assaulted me, l had no idea calling the police to help diffuse the situation would result in me being arrested and charged with Assault- Intent/Reckless/Injure and Disorderly Conduct-Fighting. Unfortunately, one month later, he assaulted me again, this time he turned himself in to the police, but to my surprise, I was arrested again and charged with another Assault-Intent/Reckless/Injure. The events that took place shattered my life leaving me devastated and traumatized as I was facing possible jail time, fines, and court ordered counseling to name a few. Michelle was an absolute blessing! I am so fortunate to have found such an honest, genuine, and exceedingly knowledgeable attorney for my legal representation. Michelle was receptive to my situation and though our conversation was brief, it was very detailed, and before the conversation was over, she already had a strategy. I would follow-up our conversation with an email detailing the events that took place and from there forward Michelle took charge. Michelle managed to get both cases scheduled for trial in the same timeframe. On the day of the trial, I was just about ready to walk out the door and head over to the courthouse when Michelle called and told me that the state had attempted to get a continuance however the judge was in agreement with her and dismissed both cases - one with prejudice and the other without prejudice – I had not even left for the trial and it was already over! A few months later though the state decided to refile the case that was dismissed without prejudice, as soon as I learned of state's actions, I immediately contacted Michelle - once again, she would schedule the case for trial. The day of trial finally arrived and this would be my first time meeting Michelle in person and I have to say she is one of a kind. Michelle is so personable, she had a genuine concern about my situation, and she was successful in getting the case dismissed, this time with prejudice. The state tried to continue the case but Michelle mentioned a ruling that was made in a previous case and the Judge was in agreement with her again! Michelle is a fair, honest, and dedicated criminal defense lawyer – I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone in need of legal representation. She is truly a blessing!


A Very Talented and Extremely Sharp DUI Trial Attorney

I was charged with 2 DUIs resulting from a single-car roll-over accident off of a freeway. I was looking at going to jail for up to a year, 5 years of probation, a revoked license for one year, classes and screenings, and a big fine (not to mention my car insurance skyrocketing) for wrecking my car in the desert off a freeway. I've never had someone fight as hard for me as Ms. Bell and I'm so thankful I hired her. She was able to get the charges reduced to a reckless driving with a $250 fine! No probation, no classes, no interlock, a one day suspended jail sentence and one year of unsupervised probation. So much different than the plea the prosecution was offering. I wasn't arrested or even given a ticket but the state took my blood from the hospital without a warrant anyway and charged me with 2 DUIs and I was in a lot of trouble! Ms. Bell's legal expertise was the only reason why I wasn't forced to accept a plea that would have affected me for many years and cost me a career. The prosecutor was completely unreasonable and unwilling to work with me so we took the case to trial. This is where Ms. Bell's legal expertise shined. The trial resulted in a mistrial because the prosecution continually violated my right to a fair trial. Ms. Bell demanded, then fought for the mistrial and got it! As a result of the mistrial she was able to negotiate both DUI charges to a simple reckless driving charge with nothing to do with DUI penalties or fines! She knows the law. She knows the processes and she knows how to fight for her clients. She doesn't just fight though. She fights to win! I highly recommend Ms. Bell to anyone who reads this. She is truly an amazing lawyer!!!! I couldn't be happier with her and how hard she worked and fought for me. A true blessing!!!


Getting My Rights Back

Michelle was very helpful in getting me legal advice and setting me in the right direction with my legal problems. I needed legal information on getting my conviction set aside and getting my civil rights back.

-Doroteo, a Civil Rights Client

5 Stars

Miss Bell returned my calls fast...and when she couldn't she texted me. Very personable and made me feel like I was her most important client. She also told me like it was. Never over promised, but she did over deliver. This was a time of uncertainty and she helped me through this very difficult time.

-Jason, a DUI Client

Satisfied Customer

Unfortunately, my case took about a year to be resolved through no fault of Michelle. However, Michelle inherited my case from a different lawyer who no longer worked at the firm. She was very insightful, tactful and precise with every detail about my case. She was knowledgeable about different situations and provided examples of certain outcomes. Overall, I was extremely pleased by the outcome of my case which worst case scenario could've resulted in an extreme DUI, but instead was reduce to a reckless driving all due to Michelle's awesome and "pistol" attitude work ethic.

-E.P., a DUI Client

Highly Recommended!

Michelle is not only a great lawyer but also a great person. She took the time needed to listen to my case and also explain the whole process and options available. She worked hard, showed me her research and was able to get all my DUI charges dismissed. I would recommend her to any of my family and friends!

-Ana, a DUI Client

Best Lawyer Ever!!!!

Michelle was wonderful .. she kept me informed of everything going on on a regular basis. When it came to crunch time she was very professional she definitely knows what she is doing from questioning witnesses to being very cool calm and collective during the process .. I was Truly blessed to find her and have her as my lawyer ...

-Joe, a Criminal Defense Client

Criminal Charges Dropped

After reviewing several attorneys, i met Michelle Bell, and was immediately drawn to her no pitch and money scam like other lawyers! She fought for me and was a great benefit to my case! Would recommend to my friends and family. Great job and much thanks!

-R.L., a Criminal Defense Client

Hire Michelle as Your New Attorney

The sooner you call The Law Offices of Michelle Bell, the sooner she can get to work preparing your case. Obtaining representation immediately allows your attorney to collect and preserve evidence on your behalf. This means there is less delay in the subpoena of possible video evidence, interviewing witnesses while events are still fresh, or inspecting the scene of a crime before it's too late.

-Brian, a DUI Client