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When Everything is on the Line,
You Need a Capable and Accomplished Lawyer

Arizona is home to the toughest DUI laws in the country. Even a first-time
conviction can cost you your freedom, job and financial security.

When so much is at stake, it’s vital to hire an experienced attorney
who fights hard for each and every client inside the courtroom and out. Michelle Bell has
a proven track record of successful representation.

Don’t Waste a Single Second When
You’re Charged with DUI in Surprise, AZ

The sooner you call The Law Offices of Michelle Bell, the sooner she can get to work preparing your case. If you don’t obtain representation immediately, the odds of achieving a successful outcome can turn against you fast.

Michelle Bell and her talented team will begin preparing your case right away to ensure your rights are protected.

A Conviction Can Turn Your Life
Upside Down

Without effective representation, you face the possibility of receiving a maximum sentence for your DUI conviction. The penalties can be severe.

  • Mandatory jail or prison time
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Fines and court costs
  • Ignition interlock requirement
  • Court ordered counseling

A skilled and knowledgeable attorney will fight to have your DUI charges reduced or dismissed. Don’t try to face the full power of the criminal justice system without The Law Offices of Michelle Bell at your side.

Proven Results in All Areas of DUI

Michelle Bell is driven to obtain the best possible outcome for clients in every case. She and her talented staff are well-versed in all areas of DUI law.

  • DUI
  • Extreme DUI
  • Super Extreme DUI
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Underage or Baby DUI
  • Reckless Driving

Free Consultation and Flexible Payment Plans

Michelle Bell is committed to her area of law and believes everyone is entitled to affordable, high quality legal representation. That’s why she offers flexible payment plans and a free consultation.

Passionate About DUI Defense Representation

Michelle is proud to devote her career to defending the rights of those charged with DUI and other crimes. She has successfully represented hundreds of clients by having their charges dismissed or reduced.

When you need to take a case to trial, you can count on Michelle Bell to aggressively defend your best interests and fight for an acquittal. Currently, Michelle is admitted to practice in the Arizona State Supreme Court, the California State Supreme Court and the United States District Court of Arizona.