Not guilty/Acquittal – in DV charges

I was charged with DV charges (criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and assault).
I am on H1B visa( working visa) in this country, I hired Michelle Bell to represent me to fight my
The outcome was we won in the trail on all DV charges (not guilty/acquittal).
She is really competent, confident ,well organized , was to the point and was well prepared for
my trail.
She knows the laws and she is a good listener and very good at extracting the points from your
case history .
The trial went for two days. She caught the officer was lying by playing the audio of the officer’s
She also caught my wife was lying by presenting well placed arguments and providing exhibits .
At the end of the trail also, the judge mentioned that your attorney did a very good job.
Because of her I was acquitted in all charges as well able to avoid my Deportation.
I can’t thank her enough to save my career and my dignity.
All my best wishes are for her future career and she has all the attributes of an excellent