Fair, Honest, and Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arizona has zero tolerance policy for domestic violence, in other words even if you are not the
aggressor, the police can will likely make an arrest if there is probable cause to believe any
bodily injury occurred to either party. When my husband assaulted me, l had no idea calling the
police to help diffuse the situation would result in me being arrested and charged with Assault-
Intent/Reckless/Injure and Disorderly Conduct-Fighting. Unfortunately, one month later, he
assaulted me again, this time he turned himself in to the police, but to my surprise, I was
arrested again and charged with another Assault-Intent/Reckless/Injure. The events that took
place shattered my life leaving me devastated and traumatized as I was facing possible jail time,
fines, and court ordered counseling to name a few.
Michelle was an absolute blessing! I am so fortunate to have found such an honest, genuine,
and exceedingly knowledgeable attorney for my legal representation. Michelle was receptive to
my situation and though our conversation was brief, it was very detailed, and before the
conversation was over, she already had a strategy. I would follow-up our conversation with an
email detailing the events that took place and from there forward Michelle took charge. Michelle
managed to get both cases scheduled for trial in the same timeframe. On the day of the trial, I
was just about ready to walk out the door and head over to the courthouse when Michelle called
and told me that the state had attempted to get a continuance however the judge was in
agreement with her and dismissed both cases – one with prejudice and the other without
prejudice – I had not even left for the trial and it was already over! A few months later though the
state decided to refile the case that was dismissed without prejudice, as soon as I learned of state’s actions, I immediately contacted Michelle – once again, she would schedule the case for
trial. The day of trial finally arrived and this would be my first time meeting Michelle in person
and I have to say she is one of a kind. Michelle is so personable, she had a genuine concern
about my situation, and she was successful in getting the case dismissed, this time with
prejudice. The state tried to continue the case but Michelle mentioned a ruling that was made in
a previous case and the Judge was in agreement with her again!

Michelle is a fair, honest, and dedicated criminal defense lawyer – I would definitely recommend
Michelle to anyone in need of legal representation. She is truly a blessing!