Excellence at its best…

I was pulled over in February for reckless driving. I was charged with a DUI, Reckless driving,
Improper lane change. My lawyer, Michelle, took my case and wet right to work. She explained
everything that was going on and what to expect. She helped me keep my license for a little
more time as I was moving from my home to an apartment. Once the move was complete,
Michelle worked with getting my suspension to start immediately so that I could get that out of
the way. She worked with the prosecuting attorney and worked out a plea deal that took away
all of the DUI charges. I ended up only with being charged with reckless driving. My fine was
under a thousand dollars and I only spent one night in jail. She did amazing work. I will never
drive under the influence and I will never drive tired. The reason we fought this so hard was that
my alcohol level was low and what I did was fall asleep as I was driving. I take full responsibility
and I am so glad for an attorney that worked as hard as Michelle did to help me regain my life
back. After hearing horror stories of other people convicted of DUI’s it would have ruined my life.
You want the best then don’t hesitate to call Michelle Bell……