DUI Case Dismissed

I was arrested for a DUI, although I was not driving my car. I was sleeping in my car at the time
of the arrest. It was a cold April night, my car had a flat, and I had to wait for morning to get help
(a ride and to fix the flat), my heat on in the car to stay warm. The next thing I know I was being
arrested for a DUI. I am a graduate student and having a DUI (for sleeping in my car) was
unacceptable. After speaking with several lawyers, I knew I wanted Michelle as my lawyer.
Throughout the nightmare she explained what she was doing as far as interviews and so forth. I
was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or focus. I think I needed my lawyer to hold my
hand during this time, she told me throughout the case to let her do the worrying and for me to
focus on school (that was easier said than done). Our first victory was the DMV hearing. Our
next victory came months later, when charges were completely dismissed the day before trial!!!
That was the call I had waited for during this nightmare. Thanks so much Michelle. I appreciate
the hard-work you put in to beat this case for me.