The Best Defense Attorney in Phoenix!!!

I cannot recommend Michelle Bell highly enough!!!

i retained Michelle while my case was in a holding pattern. At the time, I was unsure whether or
not charges were going to be filed as I had not retained any paperwork during my arrest and
interrogation. I knew that, after my initial consultation, whatever or whichever way the case
went, I would he taken care of by Michelle.

Initially, the case was filed as a misdemeanor DUI, but was then refiled later as a felony. This
refiling did not occur for 9 months and Michelle kept me informed of the status of the case on a
monthly basis. Both of us really did not know what we were fully dealing with as we had not seen a police report or any sort of complaint by law enforcement. We just knew that charges
would be filed by the county.

Once the felony charges were filed and we saw the police report, Michelle launched into what I
would refer to as a “SUPER-LAWYER.”

She made it very clear that what were facing was serious, made no promises about the
outcome, honestly explained to me that that it could be a long time before a resolution and
developed a multi-pronged strategy to ensure the best outcome for me, which, in my case was
to avoid the charges in their entirety.

I really gave her very little to work with, so Michelle had to rely on her expert knowledge of the
judicial process to explore all discovery that was available. She also put into play certain legal
maneuvers that other attornies less astute than Michelle would never even fathom. For
example, instead of allowing the DA to present my case to the Grand Jury, which would result in
an indictment, she advised that I waive pre-trial. This allowed us to enter into the pre-trial phase
directly and start working right away on the full aspects of the case.

She exhaustively questioned all witnesses and law enforcement and it took months. At times, it
seemed as if there were little hope and I would have to entertain prison time as a plea.

However, her tenacity allowed her to discover exactly what we needed to cement my defense
and allow a clear argument that my case must result in a dismissal as my constitutional rights
had been violated. This discovery, provided by law enforcement, was delivered at the 11th hour
when I had almost given up hope.

Summarily, my case ended in a complete dismissal, filed by the DA, and I can now move on
with my life.

Although I knew throughout the process of working with Michelle, there was always a risk that
things could possibly not work out the way we wanted, she just kept moving forward looking for
the best outcome.

She is easy to work with, affordable, empathic, understanding and an absolute expert in criminal
law. If you are facing any charges do not hesitate and go directly to Michelle Bell. She is worth
her weight in gold.