Aggravated DUI and Probation Violation COMPLETELY DISMISSED. AMAZiNG LAWYER.

I was arrested and charged with Aggravated DUI. I was in custody for three weeks with a public
defender. The plea offer was 10-15. I heard about Michelle and my husband hired her because I
was in jail. Michelle advised me to reject the plea so she could get the dismissed. Less than a
week later the DUI was completely dismissed. She also got the probation violation case
completely dismissed. Michelle was on it. She was quick and worked very hard to get the case
resolved. She always called me to update me and let me know what she was doing and what
was going on. She was the only person to know the facts of my case. She is always on point in
the courtroom. She was determined to get me out. I was released On my own recognizance so I
could be home. She was easy to get along with. She educated me on my case. I felt she was
fighting for my rights. I would recommend her to anyone. If you’re looking for an excellent
attorney, that fights, and will do anything to get your case dismissed, hire Michelle.