Can prosecutor drop charges before trial

Can a Prosecutor Drop All Charges Before Trial? Prosecutors have control over the criminal cases to which they are assigned. They often engage in plea bargaining that results in the dismissal of some charges in exchange for a conviction on other charges. Prosecutors also have the authority to drop all charges before trial, even in […]

Assault Charges: May I know My Rights?

An assault charge is a serious predicament. Conviction of assault in the United States can result in harsh penalties including but not limited to financial penalties, jail time and probation. The laws regarding assault vary from state to state but the general definition of assault across the United States is any act that seeks to […]

Recurring False Domestic Violence Charges? What are your options?

Domestic violence is a crime that ruins lives and tears families apart all over the world every day. Therefore, it’s natural and expected that there would be laws that criminalize domestic violence, but as much as we want to trust our legal system, many people all over the United States are falsely accused of domestic […]

Utah Now Has The Strictest Drunk Driving Laws In The US

Drinking and driving is a crime throughout the United States. Each State has different laws that define how much alcohol consumption deprives a person of his or her driving privileges and how harshly the crime is punished in terms of prison time and financial penalties; some States are much stricter than others. Currently, Utah is […]

Supreme Court Limits US Government’s Forfeiture of Assets in Drug Cases

June 5th, 2017 saw the Supreme Court of the United States pass a ruling in Honeycutt v. United States (No.16-142), declaring that a criminal defendant can only be held accountable for crime proceeds that he directly acquired and benefited from, and cannot be made jointly liable for proceeds acquired by a co-conspirator. The decision is […]